Wash and Dry
For in-between grooms or dogs that deserve a freshen up, 2 shampoos, blow dry and finally a spritz of sweet smelling cologne. This is the best way to turn a smelly hound into a perfect pooch, especially good for those breeds who don't require regular grooming.  Every dog deserves a good bath now and again, we will pick the best suited shampoo for your dogs coat type and colour, they will be given two shampoos to ensure a deep cleanse before being dried on the grooming table using a high velocity dryer. once dried and brushed your dog will be given a spritz of specially chosen dog cologne, your pet will be ready for you to take away clean and smelling delicious!

Full Dog Groom
The Full Works starting with two shampoos, blow dry, coat styling (breed and client requirement dependant), nail trim and ear cleanse all finished off with a spritz of cologne. Many pedigree breeds have a very specific style which is required for your dog to be entered into dog shows like Crufts however this isn't to every owners tastes and sometimes not very practical for a pet! We will consult with you before grooming your dog to get a clear idea of what you want for your best friend. 

Puppy Wash and Dry
A gentle intro into grooming. Your pup will be given a bath with some gentle shampoo, a fluff dry and a neaten up round the eyes and pads if required along with lots of love and reassurance. It's important for your puppy to experience grooming as early as possible, part of puppy training involves socialisation skills along with dealing with different, sometimes noisy, situations. The more enjoyable they find this to start with the easier it will be for you and your dog in the future, not to mention your groomer!

Nail Trim
A quick paw check and trim. Dogs claws will naturally be worn down by walking on hard surfaces, however this is not always enough and a trim may be required. We will also check the dew claw which will not be worn down during regular exercise and if not clipped can grow so much that it can dig into the paw itself. This service is included in the full groom.

As above nail trim and check including a refreshing dip using effervescent, anti bacterial, tabs. Helping to promote healthy paws, deep cleansing and sanitising for the feet and paws, eliminating fungus, bacteria and germs. Conditioning and brightening the nails natural colour whilst replenishing the moisture in the paws. Followed by a moisturising pad rub designed to moisturise and revitalise dry and cracked pads to keep those paws feeling good and ready for walking.

Pawdicure and Polish
As above but finished off with one of our exciting colours. For pooches who want to turn heads! Available in a range of colours (including some neon) our nail polish pens apply a quick drying, non-toxic, coat of polish that is easy to remove. The colours are bright and designed to draw attention whilst out parading the high street.

Day Care
Our day care service allows dogs to socialise and play in a fun and friendly environment at the salon. Available during our normal opening hours. Dogs are allowed free roam of the secure grooming area, letting them socialise with the group and interact with our staff but kept away from open doors and the general public.

As above day care service but with overnight care of your dog in our own home including two walks. Dogs are kept, cage free, in our own home giving them the utmost care and attention. We recommend that they bring a bed, blanket or cushion familiar to them so that they feel more at home but beds and toys are available along with lots of love.

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